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Optima Investment Compounding

Compounding is the process in which an asset’s earnings, from either capital gains or interests, are reinvested to generate additional earnings overtime.

There are already stipulated ranges of daily profits. So when you are compounding with us at Optima Investmenthub, your daily ROI (Return on Investments) are added to your capital and reinvested in the next trading day. The distinguishing factor about compounding with us is the ability to have your account compound on daily basis.

This goes hand in hand with the compounding principle found in Jeff Olson’s popular book Slight Edge. He tells us that “success is not about taking quantum leaps. It’s about making the right decisions day after day by adopting a philosophy that is line with our ultimate goals”.

At Optima Investmenthub, we offer two compounding tenures.

  • Compounding of the first tenure.
  • Compounding of the second tenure.
  • Compounding of the first tenure lasts for only three months while compounding of the second tenure lasts only for six months.